We help build better organizations.

Workplaces can be messy, and fixing them can be painful.

After watching many organizations fail–and experiencing plenty of mistakes ourselves–we’re on a mission to help companies and their people become the best version of themselves.

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We're Experts. Not Know-It-Alls. And We're Here to Help.

Like peanut butter and jelly or coffee and the sunrise, your challenges and our consultants are the perfect match. 

Facing a crucial decision? 

Trapped in a quagmire of epic proportions? 

Need a last-minute deliverable?

Whatever your challenge, our national team of experts live for stuff like this.

We nerd out about complex business matters and explain our work to baffled friends and family as “solutioning”. (We think you can relate, and it’s just easier that way, isn’t it?)

 So bring us your big balls of yarn, your sticky wickets, your unsolvable puzzles. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and join you, just as we have done with our clients for the past 20 years.

Let’s get started creating something awesome, together.

Our Core Team

Artistic Headshot of Zohreh Yamin

Zohreh Yamin

CEO and Founder

A social worker by trade, Zohreh is a helper at heart. She turned her compassion for others into The Human Priority to help connect, engage, and empower people to be their best selves. She loves assisting clients on their journeys to transform and grow. With a 30-year tenure in administration and operations, Zohreh has helped organizations adopt programs and processes to improve their performance and operate at their highest level.
Artistic Headshot of Stacy Young

Stacey Yawn

Chief of Staff

Stacey is our resident wordsmith. With a boundless enthusiasm for the written word, she helps clients tell their stories in a powerful way. With 20 years of experience, she has written hundreds of pages for proposals, marketing pieces, websites, and more to help make our clients’ content shine and resonate with audiences. As our Chief of Staff, she has overseen proposal teams on dozens of procurements across the nation. She’s also an avid proponent of the Oxford comma.
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Matt Clark

VP of Business Development

Matt is a fearless leader who’ll try anything once and loves helping clients overcome monumental hurdles. With his strong background in business development and operations, Matt is an adept manager who brings people together. He proudly served in the Peace Corps previously and is one of the kindest people you’ll meet. He’s also one of the brightest – he’s a repository of knowledge when it comes to sales and marketing.

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